Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Offensive Roundup

Another stellar performance by the VT offense. We moved from 108 to 112 this week in the total offense team stat rankings.

Total Yards this season- 1087 (Average of all teams- 1350)
Average Yards per game- 271.75 (Average- 382.8)
Touchdowns- 10 (Average 12.9)
Yards per play- 4.45 (Average 5.61)

Nothing new here, another smoke and mirrors win, but we'll take it. Just don't accept it as a legitimate excuse. Our offensive coaches continue to drive this program in a poor direction. We need a change and let your voice be heard!!


Walter said...


Beamer Beamer, I hate to be a screamer
But your offense is solid as coffee creamer

Will you please just put aside your big heart
And give us Hokies a reason to really start

Cheering when our Quarterback is on the field
And not only when Bud Foster's D is putting up a shield

Cause Bud can't like to keep carrying the team
And one day soon he will surely leave

Then all that you have built over the years
Will end up on the floor next to all of our tears

Bryan Stinespring is probably a really great person
But with him at the helm, this is only going to worsen

Matt said...

Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin could be on the market, as it appears owner Al Davis isn't smitten with the second-year coach. Kiffin, 33, was hired off Pete Carroll's staff at USC after developing a reputation as a master recruiter. Kiffin was USC's offensive coordinator his last two years there. He interviewed for the Minnesota job that went to Tim Brewster.