Saturday, September 11, 2010

Almost got rid of this thing...

It's time for a change, period. This is not over-reaction. It's hitting the bottom of the barrel. Offense was supposed to be the strength. We have talent. We have weapons. But we're still missing the key ingredient...we don't have quality coaching on offense in multiple facets (planning, timing and player development, etc.). Guess some things never change.

Friday, October 30, 2009


No sugar coating this one. Frank has a responsibility to the program and VT football fans to make a change. This was supposed to be the year of no more excuses. The coaches even said so. The season ticket brochure promised as much.

What did we get instead? The same old story from Frank and Stinespring. Another dissapointing season.

It's not about UNC. It's about annual inconsistencies on offense . It's about hearing excuses and how we didn't have talent, while we see VT players get drafted into the NFL. It's about hearing how "good" we're going to be on offense, yet seeing the same product on the field.

CHANGE MUST BE MADE. We are in jeopardy of a program fallout if not. Email your local athletic director and university president.

We are at a pivotal crossroads as VT fans. Where do we go from here? Pack up our tailgate tent and never come back? Why shouldn't we?

We know how this story ends, we read it every fall. There is no reason to expect different results with the same guy calling plays and the same head coach letting it happen. If we're not in this thing to win the national championship, then what's the point?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

That was it...

We bid everyone farewell. Today, Virginia Tech had the opportunity to take a tremendous step in accomplishing its goals as a football program. Instead, many of the haters are laughing at our inability to beat a team we should beat. Instead, we are all still wondering what the roses would smell like at the BCS championship game parade. Ahhh.

Well, we believed for about a week...then thud went the other shoe, named Stinespring. Forget the defense, no one is going to "stop" that offense. We pooped the bed, against a really, really bad defense. It's not like we shouldn't have seen it coming, we knew GT would be pumped, but got punked by a gimmicky team.

We got greedy from the first play of the game...throw deep? Remember 2005 Miami, same play. Stinesepring, we ARE watching. We aren't some jugernaut because we beat down a sorry BC team. We should've stuck with the plan and got a lead. Instead you blew the calls early and we never got the lead we wanted.

You are horrendous and there is nothing we can do about it. Do yourself a favor and step down. You are holding back the Virginia Tech football program. Stop telling these recruits you're goal is to win a national championship. You are out of your league.

We are still not there. We all thought we were, but we aren't. This sucks.

To all the JFA haters, you won't hear from us again. This was the last straw. A one loss VT was in the "lead" for the one-loss BCS doesn't get much better than that with the schedule we had looking at us. It was all there, in front of way Texas (UF/Bama) is going to win out.

We aren't sure where we get the hype. We have never won a national championship. We choked again. Thud. Get used to it, until we get a new OC.

Monday, September 28, 2009


That was one of the most satisfying games we've been a part of. All facets of our team (offensive coordinator included) were functioning properly. We weren't afraid to read the papers or surf the net yesterday. It was a complete win that was one to be proud of! Great job!

First of all, Bryan Stinespring should be lauded for his gameplan, staying patient with the playcalling, and playing to our strengths. We don't know if it was the rain, but way to keep pounding that ball on the ground. And timely playcalling in the passing game proved that we CAN be an effective offense. What a great call sprinting Tyrod out to the right to avoid the blitz and take advantage on the man coverage on the TD to Boykin! Ryan Williams is a beast, period. We've been extremely impressed with his ability to run between the tackles.

Second of all, Bud Foster's unit comes through again. Couldn't have drawn it up much better than that, great job putting pressure on Harris and stuffing the run. It was fun to watch.

Strange (but telling tidbits) read during the week...Stinespring says the offense reviewed film as an entire unit this week....good idea. Stinespring said he should've run the ball more against Nebraska...also brilliant insight. Stinespring says he stayed up all week preparing for Miami and that he didn't sleep well....that's what should be happening...ask Bud how well he sleeps during the week!

We're back in the title hunt, but can our coaches keep our players focused and can they themselves, keep the focus and preparation at such a high level? We know that Bud can do it, he's proven it time and again. Can Stinespring though? History says his consistency is suspect. That will go a long way in determining whether or not we stay in the mix.

See yall in Durham!


Monday, September 21, 2009

That was AWESOME!!

Doesn't it seem like we are usually on the other side of games like that? Unbelievably awesome! Hopefully, that sparks some sort of confidence heading into next weekend.

To win that game and look that bad on offense, wow! We'll take it, but things need to get better in a hurry if we're going to beat Miami.

Was anyone else wondering why didn't continue to run the ball on our 2nd possession and keep the momentum going? Instead we launch a deep ball on 1st down near midfield. Seriously, why do we make such knucklehead play calls...we are NOT a complex passing team, so play to your the ball and use short routes to keep the chains moving.

We've never seen someone so consistently out-of-tune with playcalling like Stinespring.

Did anyone hear what the Ohio State fans did this past weekend? Jim Tressel called the Buckeye fans "miserable" last week. Supposedly a contingent showed up at last weekend's game with a banner hanging from a bus parked in front of the stadium, listing the results of last 6 games vs. top 5 teams...all losses. Sound familiar? Anyone want to bet that Ohio State has a new offensive coordinator next season?

Monday, September 14, 2009

So easy...

...even a Stinespring can do it?

We all heard the hype and Saturday we saw it. Not like Ryan Williams' 7.2 yards per touch against Bama didn't tell us as much, but apparently we decided to actually use our weapons on Saturday.

Shame on Hite and Stinespring/Beamer (same guy right?) for not playing David Wilson against Alabama...what's the worst that could've happened...lost the game? Seriously, if they were concerned about some miss some blitz pickups or fumbles...what about some breakaway TD runs on the flipside? We can't understand how you don't put the ball in one of your best player's hands in such a huge

Apparently Stinespring wants to put our offensive weaknesses (pass protection and Tyrod's lack of pocket presence) on display and insist on throwing on 1st downs which eventually lead to obvious passing downs on 3rd and long. Seriously, why didn't we run, run, run?....Stinespring may now have the easiest (to go along with what apparently has the most job security too) offensive coordinator position in the country...all he has to do is call run, run, and run.

This will put Tyrod in a position to succeed in the passing game. Just get the ball to the playmakers and let them do the work. Stinespring - stop trying to make this more difficult than it has to be. Take advantage of all the talented players on offense and stop trying to prove everyone right (including us) by continuing to display your uncanny ability to botch the playcalling and any rythym our offense may find.

But we digress, Wilson and RW were on the field Saturday, to the tune of 160+ yards a piece. We know who the opponent is, but you can clearly see the talent on the field although we'd argue you could see it against Bama...we just didn't play to our strengths. But, enough of that spilled milk sobbing, we're looking forward to watching our offense play again!!!!

Wow, we can't believe we just said that.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Was hoping not to have another post....

but this was ridiculous. Our defense played at a superior level. It was living in the Bama backfield....until it got tired from playing 80% of the total snaps.

What happened to all the "explosiveness" the season ticket brochure promised? This is a joke. Get rid of this guy. We won't beat a program like Alabama and/or contend for the national championship until we get someone who knows what's going on with the offense. Poor, poor, poor.

Should've known better....for some reason O'Cain and Stinespring have talked about how much progress they've made, only to fall to an unequipted ECU and foil our opportunity to beat Alabama. Seriously, what do you the 2 of you do all day? A lot of smoke and nothing to show for it. The "inexperienced" offensive line and QB from Alabama sure as hell did seem to be READY to play.

How many more seasons until you fold because you feel so bad that you're bringing the ship down? This sucks. Frank, get ahold of your program and your goals. This ain't getting it done. You can talk about how much you want to win a national championship all day, but you can't seem to beat anyone in the way. 10 wins are still out there though, you can become the only other team with 10 wins (like TX and USC) for 6 straight years.....and the one withOUT a national championship too Frank. What are you going to do about that?